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Looking for a safe investment with unbeatable annual returns? Why not consider owning your own narrowboat in our fully managed fleet.  We have been running boats on this basis for nearly three years, this is a proven opportunity. 

Typically a narrowboat with a value of £40,000 - £50,000 will return £1000 - £1200 per month in rental income meaning after all your fixed costs and overheads an annual return on investment approaching 18%. This does presume that the boat is leased all year however in our experience this is nearly always the case and in fact we have a waiting list of suitable tenants. Even if for example the boat was empty for 2 months of the year you will still see a 16% return and of course you could use the boat if you wish

We can demonstrate that even if you borrowed the entire purchase fee with no deposit you are able to make the repayments, cover costs and still have a small monthly income - essentially you are buying the boat for nothing....

We can help you find and purchase a suitable boat be it new or second-hand, we have the skills in house to handle the whole purchase for you with as much or as little involvement from you as you wish.

Once you have the narrowboat we will find suitable and referenced tenants (approved by you) and will fully manage the boat. Our tenants tend to be a mixture of overseas visitors, retired couples, professionals looking for second accommodation whilst working away from home or simply those looking to enjoy an alternative lifestyle

The way it works;

  • There are no set up costs, solicitor fees or stamp duty but we do charge a consultancy fee in helping you find and purchase a suitable boat should you need us to. Typically this figure is £1500 to £2000
  • We find suitable (referenced) tenants approved by you
  • We charge a 20% monthly management fee much as a residential letting agent might do.
  • We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with permanent qualified staff to protect your investment. If there should be a problem we deal with it on your behalf.
  • You insure the boat with our help (cost is factored in in the figures quoted above)
  • You take out Gold Canal and River rescue cover (AA on the water) £230 pa.  Again these costs are factored in
  • We provide all MCA approved documentation and set up the lease agreement (£299 admin fee)
  • That’s it! No hidden costs, no capital gains and an amazing annual return
If this is an opportunity that might work for you please get in touch with us to discuss the idea in more detail

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